Written Testimonials


*James lost 190 lbs after his sleeve gastrectomy…

I came to Dr. Yuan’s office in August 2015 because I was 467 pounds and I couldn’t do too much anything. I was on high blood pressure medicine, cholesterol medicine and was diabetic. When I took my grand babies to Wildwood and I couldn’t walk out to the water and my daughter and wife were sending me pictures of my grand babies having fun and I couldn’t be there with them. I started to cry and people were coming up to me and asking me what was wrong and that moment I decided I had to do something about my weight.
I came to see Dr. Yuan and his bariatric team in August and we started the process. In the next 4 months before my laparoscopic sleeve surgery, I lost 30 pounds. January 2016 I had the surgery and now after 11 months I lost a total of 190 pounds. I can’t thank enough to Dr. Yuan and his staff for changing my life so I can enjoy life again. I am not on any medicine and I am doing more with my grand babies more than before.

*Ronda lost 70 lbs since her sleeve gastrectomy surgery…

I had a Bariatric sleeve on January 27,2016. I was 242 lbs when I started with Dr. Yuan. It was hard at first but I made it . Now it’s November 15,2016 and I’m 165lbs. I Feel Great!
My borderline diabetes went away. I’m no longer tired and out of breath. I can climb the stairs without taking a break. Drinking the protein shakes was a big help and I walked a lot. The vitamins are a necessity. It has to be a determination.

*Shirley lost 40 lbs since her sleeve gastrectomy…

While my journey is just beginning, I am so thankful that I have Dr. Yuan and the support team that he has put together motivating me and keeping me on track. Jen and Shreya are terrific. The support meetings are so helpful, and Dr. Yuan makes himself readily available if there are any questions or problems. I couldn’t be happier with the results so far. Looking forward to seeing less of me in the future!

*Sandy lost 120 lbs after her gastric bypass surgery…

I lost and maintained over 120 lbs after gastric bypass two years ago by Dr. Yuan.
The story of my struggle with my weight starts about thirty years ago after I was put on hormonal replacement therapy.  It seemed my weight skyrocketed and never declined Over the years I tried many different diets.  I tried Nutri-system and lost seventy-five pounds.  However, as soon as I went back on regular foods I gained the weight back.  I tried many more but all unsuccessfully.  I became depressed and shy during this time and withdrew from attending many functions.  
After my surgery and  subsequent success, I have had a second chance to enjoy life.  I have a new confidence in myself and my abilities.  I have started to go places and do things which I never thought I would.  I went on vacation last year and enjoyed it very much.  I had been taking medications for high blood pressure and edema which I was able to discontinue.  I had a serious case of sleep apnea which since has improved.  I have also become a better conversationalist because of my new found confidence and this has helped me do a better job for my employer.

*Disclaimer:Individual results may vary

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