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Avoid Weight Regain After Weight Loss Surgery

1. Join and participate in a good weight loss surgery support group
2.Stop binge eating before the weight loss surgery
3.Loss weight before surgery
4.Address alcohol and drug abuse
5.Follow you bariatric surgeon’s advice to the letter
6.Address food urges and lack of well being if you start to experience them after surgery
7.Continue to get nutritional counseling
8.Follow with your surgeon if you need help with you Weight regain


Dietary, Bariatric Surgery Seminar

Our office will restart the free informational seminars. The bariatric surgery and dietary seminars will be offered once a month in our new office. Potential patients and family members from Pottstown and surrounding area are welcome join us. Please call us at 610 850-4470 to register first.


Healthy life starts with a health coach

On 8/15/2016, Dr. Sharon Fleischer, who is an independent health Coach from Take shape for Life hosted the first free informational seminar of healthy diet, healthy Life in our clinic. She discussed with attendants how to take a small step at time to achieve a healthy and meaningful life. Dr. Fleischer and her team will continue to offer group and individual teaching and coaching. Please contact us for joining the next seminar.

New Office Address

We have moved to the new office at 600 Creekside Drive, Suite 611 in Pottstown. Dr. Yuan will be treating new patients and following up on his previous patients at this new location. Please come and visit us! Please call us at (610) 850-4470.


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