Gastric Banding Procedure

Gastric banding surgery is a procedure in which a surgeon sews a small silicon band around the upper section of the stomach, creating a small pouch to hold and digest food. The band contains a balloon that expands and contracts to create an undersized opening that allows food to pass into the rest of the stomach only once it begins to break down. This helps to prevent a patient from eating too much food in a single setting. The balloon contains an affixed tube that connects to a port just beneath the surface of the skin.

Once in place, the lap band balloon can be adjusted in a doctor’s office by injecting or removing saline through the port. This allows for customized lap band sizing that meets each patient’s individual needs. On average, a person will require between 3 and 5 lap band fills throughout the first year after surgery to find the proper fit.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can I lose with the Lap Band?

Lap band induces less overall weight loss than other procedures, though results vary widely from patient to patient. On average, a patient who undergoes the lap band surgery in Pottstown may lose between 40 and 50 percent of excess body weight in months and years following surgery. However, some patients can achieve much higher weight loss – especially with lifestyle changes.

Who qualifies for lap band surgery in Phoenixville and Pottstown?

Only a surgical evaluation can determine whether the lap band is right for you. However, most otherwise healthy adult patients will qualify if they have a body mass index of 40 or more. Lap band may also be indicated for patients with a lower BMI who also have weight-related medical conditions, such as diabetes.

What should I expect before and after surgery?

If you undergo lap band surgery in Pottstown,  you will be asked to avoid eating and drinking the night before the procedure. Surgery is performed under general anesthesia in either an outpatient or inpatient setting depending on your health and individual needs. Most lap band procedures take just an hour to complete. It is important to follow a special diet in the initial days following surgery, gradually transitioning from liquids to solids. In most cases, patients can return to work within a week after the procedure.

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